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WIKIPEDIA: Creation of Personal and Corporate Biographies

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TEvery company wishes to have information included in Wikipedia as part of your corporate communication plan omnichannel.

Lcontained in Wikipedia they are considered truthful, objective and static in time since the editorial criteria are very rigorous. They do not allow commercial comments or adjectives that could lead the reader away from strictly verifiable information.

Es for this reason that many companies are not only interested in having their own presence, they often also want to have the biography of their founders and directors.

ISometimes, the objective is to have only the biography of people who, due to their individual activity, consider it important to be present in Wikipedia (artists, politicians, athletes, etc.).

SHowever, the inclusion of content is not easy since there are limitations and very strict criteria based on the standards established worldwide by Wikipedia .

PFor this reason, we offer content inclusion services in Wikipedia based on planning that guarantees quality and compliance with predetermined criteria. 

Frequently Asked Questions
If WIKIPEDIA is free, why do I have to pay to include content?
WIKIPEDIA is completely free, however, it has very strict editorial criteria when it comes to including content and these action protocols are complex to learn. Therefore, paying for this service simplifies and minimizes the time of content inclusion.
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