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Do you want to face the market and your competitors with more security in your business?

Do you want to start a new business from a good base and with strategies to follow?

Do you need to make big changes in your business and you don't know where to start?

If you contract this service I will perform a Strategic plan for your business, thoroughly researching your own business (internal analisis), to your competitors (microenvironment analysis) and other agents in the market you are in (macroenvironment analysis), including your customers. With the information you obtain, I will formulate possible strategies to follow and I will assess which ones it is best to follow in three possible scenarios: pessimistic, realistic and optimistic, so you can anticipate threats and opportunities, enhance your strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

Work process:

- We will need to have a constant flow of communication so that you can solve all the doubts that I may have about the business or the market and so that you provide me with all the information that I may need to carry out the plan. 

- I will send you an initial form so that you can fill in as much detail as possible, as it depends on what you can deepen in your business and the degree of understanding that you may have of it.

- I will investigate and look for all the necessary information and I will write the process and the conclusions with the help of some strategy tools, to finally present some conclusions.


- I will pass you the document when it is finished, in pdf format.

- The document will be my property until 100% of the stipulated payment has been made, at which time it will become entirely your property and you can use it for whatever you want.

- I reserve the right to use the content created for you as promotional material for my work. With which I can use the document, part of it and / or screenshots to appear on my website or on my social networks.

- The price indicated for the service includes the amount of VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the price include VAT?
Yes. The price indicated in the service includes the corresponding VAT amount.
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    Country Spain
    Languages: Spanish Catalan English
    I like marketing and business strategy. I've been a musician since I was little (percussionist). Trained in Business Administration and Management, in community management and social media strategy and in copywriting and web writing with Javi Pastor, one of the leaders of copywriting in Spanish.

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