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Do you want to keep your followers and / or your clients informed about the news in your business, on your website or on your blog?

By keeping them informed with Newsletter emails, you will be able to provide them with more added value and greater connection with them. In the long term, it can provide you with a greater number of clients, due to the increase in trust.

With this service I will write a Newsletter style email to inform your clients or followers of your website, your mailing list or your blog and that they are aware of the latest news or news.

What will the work process be like?

1. If necessary, we will hold an initial online meeting to explain the details of the work and clarify any doubts you may have.

2. I will send you an initial form that you must fill out in as much detail as possible, in which you will tell me, among other things, what aspects you want me to include in the email. The more worked the answers on the form, the better work I can do and the less I will have to bother you to ask for more information.

3. I will write the texts and layout them in Word. I will add some recommendations such as the most convenient type of images to include, fonts, etc. I'll pass the draft over to you when it's finished.

6. Once the draft is delivered, you will have 48 hours to review it and, if necessary, request any modification. After 48 hours no changes will be made if a new revision price is not agreed.

7. Only in case you hire the extra indicated, I will send the texts to your mail platform and I will manage the delivery.


- I'll pass the text to you in a Word document. It will be up to you or the person to whom you delegate to implement it on your website, following the recommendations that I indicate, unless you decide to hire the extra management of the email platform, in which case I will also take care of sending it.

- All texts are my property until 100% of the stipulated payment has been made, at which time they will become entirely your property and you can use them for whatever you want.

- I reserve the right to use the content created for you as promotional material for my work. With which I will be able to use part of the texts and / or captures of the final result applied to your website so that it appears on my website or on my social networks.

- The design of illustrations and photography are not part of my work as a copywriter. For this I recommend hiring the services of a designer, illustrator or photographer.

- If you want me to search for stock images to add them to your page, I will be able to do it, paying you the expenses that this entails.

- The price indicated for the service includes the amount of VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the price include VAT?
Yes. The price indicated for the service includes the corresponding VAT amount.
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    Country Spain
    Languages: Spanish Catalan English
    I like marketing and business strategy. I've been a musician since I was little (percussionist). Trained in Business Administration and Management, in community management and social media strategy and in copywriting and web writing with Javi Pastor, one of the leaders of copywriting in Spanish.

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