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If you want your website or blog to appear among the first organic Google results, you must work on SEO.

SEO positioning is achieved using keywords (keywords) that best fit your website or blog, depending on what people interested in the content you offer are searching on Google. Also taking care of titles and metadescriptions that appear in Google search results for your pages and looking at some content elements (like links or others).

To do this, with this service I will carry out an investigation of your website or blog and what you offer on it / it, the characteristics of the users who access and the keywords that best adapt to all this, as well as, if necessary, the improvements in titles and meta descriptions of your pages, or other SEO improvements related to the content. I will present the results to you in the form of a pdf document so that you can have the information and use it however you want.

Work process:

- I will send you an initial form for you to fill in as detailed as possible, which will serve as information for my previous investigation.

- I will investigate and find the necessary information to obtain the best possible keywords for your texts.

- I'll also recommend, if applicable, improvements to page titles and meta descriptions, as well as some more tips for page content.


- I will pass you the document when it is finished, in pdf format.

- This service does not include writing texts, only research and information so that you can later use it as you see fit. If you need writing, I offer other services that may interest you and that you can find on this same platform.

- The document will be my property until 100% of the stipulated payment has been made, at which time it will become entirely your property and you can use it for whatever you want.

- I reserve the right to use the content created for you as promotional material for my work. With which I can use the document, part of it and / or screenshots to appear on my website or on my social networks.

- The price indicated for the service includes the amount of VAT.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the price include VAT?
Yes. The indicated price of the service includes the corresponding VAT amount.
With this service will you write texts for me?
No. With this service I will not write texts, I will only research and give you the information obtained that can be used to later write texts and make changes to your website or blog to improve your SEO positioning. If you need writing, I offer other services for it, which you can find on this same platform.
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    Country Spain
    Languages: Spanish Catalan English
    I like marketing and business strategy. I've been a musician since I was little (percussionist). Trained in Business Administration and Management, in community management and social media strategy and in copywriting and web writing with Javi Pastor, one of the leaders of copywriting in Spanish.

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